Maxime Beauvais : Role of biotic interactions in the regulation of winter phytoplanktonic blooms on a coastal site of North Western Mediterranean (France).
Supervisors: François-Yves Bouget/ Pierre Galand

Sylvain Blouet: Origin and dynamics of the colonization of artificial reefs in the Gulf of Lion..
Supervisors: K. Guizien / Anne Chenuil

Mathilde Chemel: Effect of temperature on deep coral holobiont: are specimens from the Atlantic more resilient than those from the Mediterranean?
Supervisors: Pierre Galand : Franck Lartaud

Corentin Hochart: Population genetics and microbiome ecology of tropical coral reefs.
Supervisor : Pierre Galand

Victoria Louis: Environment, biological clocks and biomineralization of the mussel shell Mytilus galloprovinciallis.
Supervisors : F. Lartaud / L. Besseau

Adrien Tran Lu Y: Genetic structuring and resilience of hydrothermal vents in the south western Pacific
Supervisors : F. Bonhomme / S. Hourdez

Elise Vissenaekens: Simulations of current and future coastal marine circulation in the north western Mediterranean for applications on ecological connectivity.
Supervisor : K. Guizien