Nathan Nault: Assessing the influence of contrasting external organic matter inputs on ocean microbial communities: Mediterranean Seavs. Arctic Ocean case studies
Supervisors: Pierre Galand and Eva Ortega-Retuerta (LOMIC)

Lauryn Olla: Characterization of the response of deep corals to a warmed plastic ocean.
Supervisors: Pierre Galand and Franck Lartaud

Nolwenn Pagès: Study of the physical canopy-effect in marine soft coral forests : drivers and impacts.
Spervisors : Lorenzo Bramanti and Katell Guizien

Joëlle Robbe: Effect of global changes on the physiology and microbiome of cild-water corals from Lampaul Canyon.
Supervisers: Franck Lartaud and Magali Zbinden (BOREA).

Linta Vonta: Hydrodynamics of gorgonian forests.
Supervisors: Lorenzo Bramanti and Katell Guizien