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PhD student Sorbonne University

Thesis in progress since October 1, 2023 (Doctoral School of Environmental Sciences of Île-de-France)
Thesis directors: Franck Lartaud et Pierre Galand

Characterization of the response of deep-sea corals to a warmed plastic ocean.

The thesis project focuses on the future of engineering corals in deep marine ecosystems in the context of climate change and microplastic pollution. The impact of these two environmental stressors are currently studied separately, making it difficult for managers to concretely anticipate the effects on the ecosystem and the associated services. Based on new measurements of the inventory of plastic pollution in the deep environment and thanks to the facilities for experimentation under controlled conditions at the Oceanological Observatory of Banyuls, we propose an integrated approach to the coral holobiont to assess the resilience of deep Mediterranean reefs. The results will make it possible to anticipate solutions for the protection or mitigation of these vulnerable marine ecosystems, which are home to many heritage and commercial species.