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Laboratoire d'Ecogéochimie des Environnements Benthiques
UMR 8222

Audrey M. Pruski


My expertise goes from marine biology to sediment biogeochemistry including ecogenotoxicology.

My academic background and my scientific interests led me to study organism-environment interactions in benthic ecosystems by combining the experimental approach and the use of biomarkers. Biochemical markers are molecules initially present in living organisms. Their synthesis is sufficiently specific of a group of organisms or a metabolic pathways, so that their occurrence may be used as a indication of a biochemical pathway, the exposure of stress, the incorporation of a trophic resource, or the origins of organic matter (OM) in the sediments etc…. …

I use fatty acids and amino acids to investigate the reactivity of terrestrial OM in marine environments under the influence of major rivers (prodeltas, submarine canyons). Furthermore, I study energetic and trophic transfers in benthic organisms (corals, deep-sea fauna) using fatty acid biomarkers in combination with stable isotopes.

In addition, I have taken a particular interest in the research of new markers (Pruski et al. 2000) and in method optimization and validation, which is essential when using tools that have not been developed for marine invertebrates (Pruski & Dixon, 2003 ; 2007 ; 2009 ; Nahon et al. 2008).

I am actually involved in the research program CONGOLOBE (2012-2016) where I develop research at the frontier between organic geochemistry and ecology in the Congo deep-sea fan (Stetten et al. 2015) with a focus on the chemosynthetic fauna. I am also invested in the study of trophic ecology of cold water corals (AO CARESE SU 2015, Foundation of scientific cooperation ROVALTAIN program PLAISCOOL 2016-2018). In particular, I study the feeding strategies of the corals using fatty acid biomarkers and the energetic status using lipid classes. This work combines field survey and laboratory experiments.

I am teaching marine biology, benthic ecology, marine sediment geochemistry, and land-ocean transfers at University Paris 6 (France). I am also involved in the  International Master of Science "Marine Biodiversity and conservation" EMBC+.

I coordinate the EU course “Ecology and functioning of coastal ecosystems” UE 5UM12 FLUMECO.

Contact Informations

Phone : +33 (0)4 68 88 73 79
Mail(s) : audrey.pruski@obs-banyuls.fr

Function and attachment

Professor assistant at University Paris 6 (France)



1999-2002: Southampton Oceanographic Centre (SOC), Molecular genetics Team (Dr David Dixon).

2003- ...: University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris 6), Banyuls Oceanographic Observatory, Benthic Ecogeochemistry Laboratory.


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Frequented establishments

University of Sciences and technologies (Lille 1), Lille, France

University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris 6), Paris, France

French and foreign diplomas

PhD in Biological Oceanography, University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris 6)

Audrey Pruski (audrey.pruski @ obs-banyuls.fr) - 18/06/16

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