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Laboratoire d'Ecogéochimie des Environnements Benthiques
UMR 8222

PÉRU Erwan



Experiments :


Electrochemistry : potentiometric, voltametric and amperometric sensors.

Molecular biology : DNA and RNA extraction, PCR.

Experiments in cold rooms, mesocosms.

Taxonomy : extraction, separation and identification of benthic macrofauna and meiofauna.

Breeding invertebrates (corals, bivalves), algal cultures.

Acquisition systems of automated images.


In-situ experiments :


4 campaigns experiments on the Lacaze-Duthiers canyon (2012-2014).

International océanographic campaign "Dark life at deep sea vents" (2014)


Data management :


Establishment of databases (MySQL, PHP)

Statistical analysis (R, Statistica)

Image analysis (J Microvision, Image J)

Video editing (EDIUS)

Contact Informations

Mail(s) : erwan.peru@obs-banyuls.fr

Function and attachment

Assistant engineer CNRS

Health and Safety Assistant

Erwan Péru (erwan.peru @ obs-banyuls.fr) - 11/06/16

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