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Laboratoire d'Ecogéochimie des Environnements Benthiques
UMR 8222

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Publications in press or accepted

Chapron L, Le Bris N, Durrieu De Madron X, Peru E, Galand P.E. Lartaud F (2020). Long term monitoring of cold-water coral growth shows response to episodic meteorological events in the NW Mediterranean Deep-Sea Research Part I (in press)

Huyghe D., Emmanuel L., de Rafelis M., Renard M., Ropert M., Labourdette N., Lartaud F. Oxygen isotope disequilibrium in the juvenile portion of oyster shells biases seawater temperature reconstructions. Estuarine and Coastal Shelf Science. (in press).

Greathead C., Magni P., Vanaverbeke J., Buhl-Mortensen L., Janas U.,Blomqvist M., Craeymeersch J., Dannheim J., Darr A., Degraer S., Desroy N., Donnay A., Griffiths Y., Guala I., GuerinL., Hinchen H., Labrune C., Reiss H., Van Hoey G., Birchenough S.N.R. (2020) A Generic Framework to Assess the Representation and Protection of Benthic Ecosystems in European Marine Protected Areas. Aquatic conservation: Marine and freshwater ecosystems (Accepted)

Mouchi V., Godbillot C., Forest V., Ulianov A., Lartaud F., de Rafelis M., Emmanuel L., Verrecchia E., Rare Earth Elements in oyster shells: provenance discrimination and potential vital effects. Biogeosciences. (in press).



LECOB - 18/05/20

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