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Laboratoire d'Ecogéochimie des Environnements Benthiques
UMR 8222

Internal and invited seminars


Stefan Sievert

Biochemistry Laboratory "Stanley W. Watson", Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA (July 3, 2015)


An Integrated Approach to Study Microbial Energy Transfer and Chemosynthetic Carbon Fixation at Deep-Sea Vent.

Federica Constantini

University of Bologna, Italy (June 24, 2015)


Ecological genetics for the conservation of temperate marine habitats

Nuria Viladrich

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain (February 16, 2015)


Energetic resource allocation in reproduction for the temperate gorgonians Corallium rubrum and Paramuricea clavata - Contrasting strategies in surface brooders versus internal brooders.



Leonardo Castro

University of Conceptión, Chile (September 18, 2014)


Spawning in contrasting habitats: effects on early life stages of anchovies and hake in the Homboldt Current and Patagoni.

Giovanni Santangelo

University of Pisa, Italy (July 18, 2014)


Conservation and management of octocorals; what demography tells us?


Howard Lasker

University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USA, (April 3, 2014)


Connectivity of Coral reef populations:you can't always get where you want.




Joaquim Garrabou

Institut of Marine Science (ICM), Barcelona, Spain (November 14,2013)


Changement global et conservation des communautés marines dominées par espèces longevives : quel devenir pour les paysages sous-marins côtiers ?


Crispin T.S. Little

University of Leeds, School of Earth and Environment, Leeds, United Kingdom (November 7, 2013)


Hydrothermal vent communities in deep time, a 3.2 billion year history.


Jennifer F. Biddle

College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA (October 31, 2013)


"Subsurface life: Letting sequences tell the story"


Cassandre Lazar

University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany and University of North Carolina, USA (May 24, 2013)


The mysterious ubiquitous benthic uncultured Archaea: What do we know and how to study them ?





Justine Thubaut

National Museum of Natural History, UMR7138, Paris, France (April 23, 2013)


Bathymodiolinae de la mer Méditerranée : connectivité entre les habitats à base chimiosynthétique.





Patricio Manríquez Carrillo

Austral University of Chile, Valdivia, Chile (October 17, 2012)


Changes in prey-predator interaction and avoidance behavior may result from Ocean acidification and some consequences on development and larval traits.


Pablo L. Mata Almonacid

Center for Research on Ecosystems of Patagonia, CIEP Austral University of Chile, UACH, Valvidia, Chile (September 7, 2012).


Travaux dans le cadre du LIA MORFUN




Tiphaine Le Mao

UMR Ecology and Evolution, Team "Ecology of populations and communities", Orsay, France (May 6, 2011).


Evolution of plant nutrient cycling strategies in heterogeneous meta-ecosystems: Impacts for source-sink dynamics and invasive species regulation.



Autun Purser

University Jacobs, Bremen, Germany (February 8, 2011)


The Cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa. Results from new approaches to reef habitat mapping and long-term laboratory experimental investigations.



Elisabet Sañé

Institut of Marine Science (ICM), Barcelona, Spain,(February 4, 2011)


Organic matter in sediments of Antarctic continental shelves under the influence of climate change.



Julian Caley

Australian Institute of Marine Science, University of James Cook, Townsville, Australia (October 18, 2010).

LECOB - 26/10/17

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